Thursday, January 21, 2016

We LOVE Wisconsin beer!

We love Wisconsin
beer so much that we decided to
save some of our beer 
bottles (& bottles from friends) to
turn into these lovely
beer bottle soy candles!

The New Glarus coffee stout
bottle is scented with a hazelnut coffee!
It smells AMAZING!

I made over two dozen candles the other
day! I am excited for this
new venture with my husband!
Bill loves local beer 
as do I & now we 
can make something fun together!

All of our candles are made with 
a high quality soy wax, no dyes & high 
quality fragrance oil! 

If you have any bottles to donate we 
would love to take them off of
your hands! 

Our candles will soon be 
available at...

Blue Moon Emporium, downtown Appleton 
Anthology, State st. downtown Madison 
The Regal Find, Middleton

We will also have a nice selection 
at Fall in Love with handmade 
the urban craft fair we host
at the Downtown Oshkosh Convention Center
February 13 9-2

Enjoy! Michelle & Bill 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to give a new look to an old desk!

Bill had a computer desk when we moved in 
together that had seen better days! 
We got the idea to
replace just the top of the desk, 
reusing the base.

We purchased a 2x4 which I believe was 
around $6 (be sure to buy a thick
one so that it doesn't warp). 
Ours is just shy of an inch thick.

We bought a dark mahogany 
stain to match other wood
items in our home & stained the wood. 

We also sanded the top just lightly 
to remove any rough areas on the
surface before applying
 the stain. 
(be sure to wear gloves or be very careful 
so you don't stain your hands) 

We let it sit overnight to dry &
then added a thin clear coat. 

This entire project cost under 
$20. It really gave our 
desk a new life &
we have more room
as the 2x4 is bigger then
the old desk top. 

Bill did attach the 2x4 to the 
base so it's not just resting on the base. 

This is an updated picture of the desk.
We did this project about 2 years ago
& I still love this desk!

We get compliments on it all of the time. 
It's unique, beautiful & stylish
not too mention a new desk even the 
cheap ones can cost over $100. 

The above photo is the before picture.
See what I mean!?!

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bedroom makeover for our teenage daughter.

My daughter asked me
if I we could redo her room so I decided to 
make it part of her Christmas present. .

Here are a few before pics. It
was cute but simple & not really pulled together. 

She wanted a bohemian inspired room
so I went on pinterest & started 
pinning everything bohemian 
inspired until I think I figure out 
a look for her. 

I did this all while she was at her Dad's 
so she didn't know I was
redoing her room! ;)

I was able to reuse her bedspread..
I simply just flipped it over. Thankfully
it was reversible. I purchased only
two new items the rest was thrifted. 

The taspestry we found on ebay for 
under $10. The bed skirt was 
thrifted for $1 & I re sized it to fit her bed. 

I bought the lavender blanket at 
goodwill which was probably the most 
expensive thing at (but it was new) $20. 

I did buy some furry fabric to cover
one of the pillows so I used
the extra fur to throw over the chair
that was already in her room. 

The end table is vintage
& solid wood. I found that at a thrift 
store as well for under $10. 

I found lace curtains that don't match exactly
but unless you really look
at them you can't tell. I 
actually really love that they don't match &
they are so pretty! I love the pattern on them. 
I added white lights over both of her
 windows to give her room 
a cozy look. 

I also thrifted a bunch
of random baskets for storage
for the shelves that her tv sits on
(the stand was purchased at Aldi's &
it is 2 cubicles next to each other)

We re used her desk but found a beautiful
solid wood chair at a thrift store
for $7.

I got REALLY lucky & found
a bunch of like new throw
pillows at a local thrift store for $1 a piece
 that I covered with
thrifted scarves to give them a 
bohemian look.

I also found some cute accents like these gold
dishes that sit on her desk for 
pencils ect. 
I think they were maybe .75 cents each, 

& this "love" print on pinterest
as a free download & printable.
I printed it in black &
white then put it in a frame
that I wasn't currently using. 

I think her room turned out
so beautiful & perfect for
 my 16 year old daughter. It's cozy, 
stylish & she loves it! 
Her reaction was
pricless when she came home to her 
new room!

It's amazing what you can do 
with a small budget, inspiration &
an imagination! 
I am pretty sure I spent under $100 
on everything! 

Be sure to click on each photo
for a closer look. 

Enjoy! -Michelle 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Papasan chair redo!

We recently purchased a papasan
chair on Craig's list for $25 
(The entire chair with the cushion!!).

I have wanted one for a while &
we are always looking for creative seating..
but I guess I didn't realize that they
are very expensive. The chair new
would have cost us $150. for the frame
& faux fur cushion (that was with the 
cushion on sale).

(below is the photo I found via pinterest
for our inspiration)

I started searching on Craig's list &
found this one for $25 in great shape
& the family lives about 5 minutes from us. 
I was relieved it was a family selling it, they are 
making room for a new baby. 
(We live in a College town so you never know!)


The bamboo/wood is a bit worn
but the pad was in great shape although 
sage green is not exactly 
what I had in mind.

I ran to the fabric store & 
found some faux fur which happened to 
be 50% off (that stuff can be expensive).
I bought two yards & it cost about $15.
I also bought some elastic to use on the back. 

This fabric is not machine washable but
I gave it a quick run through the dryer
to get the access fur off
 (I plan on hand washing it when that time comes).

I hand stitched a slipcover using the pad
as my pattern. I also attached two 
pieces of elastic along the back in an x pattern to 
help keep the oval shape of the cushion.

(after photo)

I will be painting the frame black but for now it
is going to stay as shown above until the 
weather warms up. I will 
share again this Spring when I can
paint it. 

As you can see by our 
photos of Dexter our pug is extremely fond
of this chair from the second we brought it home! :)
It is a super comfy chair & for $40 total & 
maybe $5 for a can of black spray paint. 
I would say a pinterest success! 

I love our new chair!! Enjoy! 

(Be sure to click on photos for 
a closer look.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our retro kitchen table & chair redo!

We picked up this beautiful retro dining room 
set at a garage sale for $20!
Yep, $20 for the entire set!!! 

It was in rough shape but the owner
was happy to sell it to us. It
had belonged to her husband's

It was in rough shape, a little dirty, 
rusty & needed some TLC. 

We took all of the chair seats off first &
scrubbed them with Bar Keepers cleaner. 

The vinyl is off white with gold flecks which
is hard to see in the pic. 

Bill took off
all of the metal & hardware
& soaked it overnight in Coca Cola. 
It came out so clean & beautiful!
(below is the before photo.)

We repainted all of the legs on the chairs
& table with black high gloss paint made 
specifically for metal.

(after photo)

We also bought new plastic 
stoppers for the legs of the chairs & table in black. 
The original set was white but 
many were missing. They are
super cheap to buy & a quick fix that 
adds so much to the set. 

Bill also redid the top of the table with
floor finish to give a nice shine
 to the dull top. (it is literally
floor polish) You will have to do this to
the top a few times a year to keep it shiny
as it dulls overtime. 

It has been almost 2 years since we bought
this table & finished it! We still
love it! The best part is we gave something
that was probably ready for the dumpster a 
new life! 

We invested about $20 in product 
to redo this project 
& a lot of elbow grease! :)

Enjoy! Michelle & Bill

Monday, January 4, 2016

Our DIY retro bar!

Our first ever DIY!

Bill found this AMAZING 
retro tv on Craiglist in Milwaukee
a few years ago. It
is a RCA Victor from the 
late 50's.

He took the tv tube out & removed all of
the wires. We bought a 
wood wax to shine it up a bit &
a custom piece of glass for the shelf.
(We also left the back on so you can't see through it.)

The original knobs had to be
glued in place so they didn't fall out
& we added rope lights under the
glass to light it up.

We have since installed wine glass racks for 
storage! It looks so awesome lit up!

The most expensive part was the tv & second
to that was the custom glass which has a special 
finish (it's not clear) to it to keep with 
it's vintage look. 

The doors are Mahogany & have a beautiful pattern
on them. There are a few scratches
but overall we lucked out 
as the cabinet is in beautiful condition!

Here it is shown with my late
Grandfathers record player on top 
& our pups stockings. :) 

It has been fun thrifting vintage
bar ware for it! We will have 
to share some of our finds soon! 



Hello & welcome to our new space!
We created this blog to share one of our biggest 
passions/hobbies... thrifting!

We love to give new life to our finds
& most of all just the thrill of finding new
to us goods! 
"Why buy new?" is my husbands 
favorite saying! ;)

We also have 4 kids all together &
2 pug mixes so we need to save where we can!

We hope to share with you our thrifty ways,
how you can have what you want/need 
for a lot less & how a little
tlc can make a huge difference!

Stay tuned while I continue to set up
our new space! We 
hope you will follow along! 

-Michelle & Bill