Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New large beer bottle candles!

We are excited to offer larger 
beer bottle candles! Most of the bottles 
shown were hand cut from 2
22 oz beer bottles 
& filled with soy wax!

I love the wig splitter coffee stout bottle
 & of course I scented it with a hazelnut 
coffee! It's sooo good & will burn for 
over 100 hours at minimum!

We also have a few large whiskey citronella
candles available
each Saturday at the downtown
 Appletonfarmer's market. 
Our booth is
on Oneida st. just off of College ave.

Come down early for our best selection! 
See you soon! -Michelle 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Belated 4th of July!!!

Market vending season is in 
full swing for us! I have been so busy that I 
haven't had much time to blog.

Our teenagers had a little 4th 
of July friend gathering at our house since
we are blocks from the fireworks so I set 
up some snacks & added one of 
our new citronella candles in for decor. 

The Capitol Brewery U.S. pale
ale was the perfect bottle for the holiday

We have been collecting some really
fun bottles! I think the three below
scream Summer time! :)

We are offering scented candles at the market 
as well as our new citronella 
scented candles! 

We have new bottles & scents every
Saturday at the downtown Appleton 
Farmer's market. We are off of Oneida st.
just off of College ave. 

See you soon! :)