Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gettin' ready for market season!

We are busy preparing for the upcoming
farmer's market season!

We have so many new to us labels.. thanks
to so many of our amazing friends
& their friends that 
have been saving their beer bottles for us! 

We made our first batch of
Citronella for summer &
it was a HUGE hit
at The Paine Gardens art show last
weekend! Thank you to 
everyone that came out 
& bought candles! It was such a beautiful day!
 We will definitely have more ready for the market. 

Meanwhile... I just re stocked 
Blue Moon Emporium 
on College ave in downtown Appleton with 
so many great labels & scents!

Be sure to save the date, the downtown
Appleton Farmer's market starts June 18th
from 8-12:30. We haven't received our
 booth assignment yet but
we have been on Oneida st. the last 
8 years! :) We will update that as soon
as we receive it. 

See you soon!!! -Michelle 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cat scratcher DIY!

We recently adopted our
 sweet kitty from the Humane society 
& I was surprised to learn that
they love cardboard. 

I had been shopping around a bit
for a scratcher for her & they were either
cheaply made or

I remembered that we had some corrugated 
cardboard in the garage & a shallow 
box (as I save them for shipping out 
my inventory). 

I cut the cardboard strips the width of the 
box & removed the flaps. It took
quite a few strips 
to fill the box so that it was 
packed in there tightly. 

I hot glued some scrap fabric on 
the edges of the box to 
make it not look like a box
full of cardboard. Lol!

She instantly started scratching on it!
She LOVES it.. 
She sleeps on it, plays on it
& most importantly scratches on it. 

All for free! :) 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trampoline DIY

We bought our trampoline used
on Craigslist & it is in great condition 
minus the spring padding. It was dry rotted &
torn. It just didn't look good!
We bought it last Fall so I have been
scouring Pinterest for 
ideas, ways to make it 
look better & for a new cover!

The covers can be expensive so I knew 
I could DIY something.
I came across the pool noodle idea, 
it was affordable & so easy to do!
I used 14 pool noodles (from the dollar store),
cut them to size with scissors,
slit the bottom & wrapped each spring. 
It only took me about a 1/2 hour to complete.

It looks so much better now!

You could also get creative & use 
multiple colors. I decided to go with 
just green as my local dollar store
didn't have too many colors 
to choose from. 

Enjoy! -Michelle